Courtney winning NJ floor state champion.

Courtney da Silva

Courtney has been training to be a gymnast since her first mommy-and-me class at 12 months old. A few years later she was invited to team and has been practicing crazy hours ever since. Courtney really hit her stride during the 2013 season as a USAIGC Silver gymnast scoring first or second all-around at every meet. At the state championships Courtney secured New Jersey State Floor Champion with a score of 9.575 and was third all-around. And now it's off to Nationals...


So strong and so young...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Courtney. She was eight years old and this was her first season competing on team. No nerves, just ready to compete. I am and always will be so proud.

Little Courtney poised to start a floor routine.
A very small Courtney keeps balance on beam.

The Early Days

A mommy-and-me beam routine.

It's hard to believe how such an amazing journey can start so small.

Courtney da Silva - 2013 USAIGC Silver Nationals - The Journey